Joe Nguyen.jpg

Joe Nguyen

State Senator,

34th District

“I'm a proud student from our Highline Public Schools and believe it is critical that we give our kids all the tools they need to succeed in this rapidly changing world. Access to technology will ensure equitable access to education and this levy is an important investment in the future of our children and this community.”

Nancy Tosta.jpg

Nancy Tosta

Burien City Councilmember

"I support the Highline Technology Levy. We are now dealing with health, education and equity crises simultaneously. One of our most essential tasks is ensuring a high quality education for our children. This tech levy will give our Highline teachers, students, and their families the tools they need to access an education that will help us all find our way through this and future crises. Please vote yes."

Dave Upthegrove.jpg

Dave Upthegrove

King County Councilmember

"As a lifelong resident of South King County and a former Highline School District student, I know first hand just how important our schools are to this community. That’s why I'm wholeheartedly endorsing this levy. Passing Prop. 1 will ensure every student has the tools and resources they need to be successful whether learning at home or in the classroom."

Mia Gregerson

State Representative, 33rd District

""Every student, no matter what their circumstances, deserves access to internet and a device for learning during the pandemic. Every teacher deserves to have the tools they need to teach--in a classroom or from their living room. It's our job today to fight inequity and ensure our students, teachers and families have what they need. That is why I am strongly supporting the tech levy."

Justin Kraft.jpg

Justin Kraft

Board President, Highline Schools Foundation

"The Highline Schools Foundation unanimously and enthusiastically endorses Proposition #1 - Highline Technology Levy. As the only nonprofit organization which supports all Highline schools, the Foundation believes that strong public education is the foundation for a thriving economy and this levy is critically important to prepare our students for the future."

Pat Thompson-square.png

Pat Thompson

Executive Director,

YES Foundation of White Center

"I am a product of Highline Public Schools. My parents came here from American Samoa because they wanted their children to have access to and receive a high quality education.  Let's prioritize our children's education and make sure they have the tools and resources needed in order for them to be successful whether learning at home or in the classroom."

Joe Fitzgibbon.jpg

Joe Fitzgibbon

State Representative, 34th District

"The COVID pandemic has made even more clear how much the digital divide is impacting students' learning. Every Highline student deserves access to the technology they need to stay connected and to develop critical job skills. By passing this levy, Highline voters can help close the digital divide and give every Highline student a better chance at success."

Senayet Negusse.jpg

Senayet Negusse


City of SeaTac

"As a Councilmember and member of this community, I am in support of this levy as it would bring much needed support for remote learning and provide access to students. It is especially critical to provide training and support to our educators so they can best serve our community."

Chuck and Lisa Tuman.jpg

Chuck and Lisa Tuman

former Chair and Secretary of Yes for Highline

Chuck: "I support this levy because all children should have access to learning technology."

Lisa: "I support this levy beacuse it helps us level the playing field for all students."

Kevin Schilling and father .jpg

Dennis and Kevin Schilling

"Two Schilling generations of Highline School District graduates support this levy!


It's vital that we pass this levy to ensure that students have access to the digital tools necessary to learn online in this new age. 


As a community, we need to make sure that the students of the Highline School District have the opportunity to be prepared for a bright future."

Teddi Parker.jpg

Teddi Parker

EHS alum and White Center Heights parent

"Equitable access will ensure that all children can attend class and get assignments during the pandemic. It will also allow for our children to connect with peers and build relationships with teachers."

Jeremy Nutting.jpg

Jeremy Nutting

Highline parent and Des Moines City Councilmember

"As the father of 2 students that attend Highline Schools, the husband of a Highline School District substitute teacher and an advocate for equity across the district, I whole-heartedly give my endorsement of the Highline Technology Levy."