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Ensure students have equitable opportunities.

If APPROVED, the Highline bond will...

About the Bond

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Vote to APPROVE the Highline Public Schools Bond on the November 8 Ballot! 

Our Highline community-led Capitol Facilities Advisory Committee and the Highline School Board are asking voters to say YES to replacing aging, outdated schools. 

This bond will replace Evergreen High School, Tyee High School and Pacific Middle School with safe, modern facilities.

Thanks to your support, in 2016 we passed a measure to replace the district’s two oldest facilities, Highline High School and Des Moines Elementary, plus build Glacier Middle School. These schools were completed on time and $10 million under budget.

Now let’s make sure all students in our community have schools built for 21st-century learning with today’s safety standards. 

The bond will also fund critical repairs and updates across the district, like replacing the dirt field at Sylvester Middle School with a safer synthetic turf field. 


Your vote to APPROVE will not increase taxes!

This bond will NOT raise your current tax rate. Due to expiring school taxes, your tax rate will NOT increase, and will likely go down over the coming years. 


Every child and educator in Highline deserves a safe, modern place to learn and work. Our students and teachers are counting on you. Vote YES on November 8! 

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